KnY Air Fresheners


These air fresheners are about 4 inches tall and come with a color coordinated elastic string. They are double sided and the front and back artworks are different!

The air freshener is made of biodegradable cotton paper and the board is very thick and not flimsy. It is also individually sealed in poly bags that are OPP recyclable.

The scent lasts for about 1-2 weeks, but may vary with temperature.


1. Tanjirou | Scent: Melon - It smells refreshing and like a delicious, sweet honeydew melon!

2. Nezuko | Scent: Honey Peach - It smells refreshing and like a sweet peach candy!

3. Zenitsu | Scent: Passion Fruit - It smells light, fresh and crisp — like a passion fruit!

4. Inosuke | Scent: Cold Water - It smells like fresh linen with subtle deep tones and a hint of a pleasant masculine scent.

5. Giyuu | Scent: Ocean - It smells pleasant, clean and like a fresh ocean breeze. It is a very calming scent and has a light musk and masculine deep tone to it.

6. Shinobu | Scent: Lily - It smells bright, fresh and floral — like a lily!

7. Rengoku | Scent: Autumn Amber - It smells like fresh, crisp raspberry mixed with sweet, citrus orange.

8. Mitsuri | Scent: Fresh Lotus - It smells light, sweet and has a soft floral scent to it. It is very pleasant, refreshing, and peaceful!

9. Iguro | Scent: Jasmine - It smells floral and pleasant — just like brewed Jasmine tea! It is very calming and has a nice deep scent to it.


❀ Colors can vary on each monitor.

❀ Colors can vary due to product lighting.

❀ Watermarks on photos are for online use only. The product does not come with any watermarks.

❀ The product is of the best quality with very minor to no defects.


WARNING: Keep away from children. It is not to be ingested. Avoid contact with eyes. Hang the air freshener freely. Do not place in contact with any solid surface as the oils will cause surface damage.

No returns will be issued for disliking a scent and/or for opened packages.